Track Convenors

Joint Track Chairs/Convenors:

Dr Lívia Markóczy

Dr Lívia Markóczy is an Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at the Gary
A. Anderson Graduate School of Management at the University of
California, Riverside. Her research focuses on human decision making, fairness perceptions, evolutionary psychology, and cooperation in social dilemma situations.

Email: Dr Livia Markoczy

Dr Geoff Mallory

Geoff Mallory is currently a Lecturer in Strategic Management and Director of the PhD Programme, within the School of Management at the Open University. His research focuses on entrepreneurial strategies, strategic decision making in International Business, diversification and performance.

Email: Dr Geoff Mallory

Dr Bob Phelps

Bob Phelps is a Senior Lecturer in Decision Science at Cranfield University School of Management. His present research focuses on the balance between short term and long term aspects of organizational performance and how 'close to rational' decisions can be reached in uncertain and complex environments. This particularly involves examining the drivers of innovation and performance in firms. It includes the questions of which measures and rewards will ensure managers achieve the outputs we want and how can we obtain the right cultural values and cooperative behaviours.

Email:Dr Robert Phelps

Carmel de Nahlik
(to whom all correspondence should be sent)

Holds a PhD from Cranfield School of Management, where she is a Visiting Lecturer. She links theory and practice by teaching strategy and finance for several universities as well as companies and governments. Following university at UMIST and Manchester Business School, where she held the Conoco Oil Fellowship, she became a senior investment and commercial banker in the project and corporate finance areas, working in the UK, USA, Australia, the Near and Middle East. She has had particular experience in structuring, funding and resolving project financings in the energy industry and in other industries world wide. She has participated in the development of the financial features within Promoter and has used Promoter to demonstrate appraisal techniques on a number of project finance training courses.

Email: Carmel de Nahlik