Track Title : Decision-making in organizations: unlocking their potential

Decision-making is a new track in EGOS.

We invite papers from colleagues whose research interests include decision-making to contribute to this new track. In the spirit of EGOS we take an inclusive approach, embracing psychology-based perspectives, sociology-based perspectives, and economics-based perspectives.

Our criteria are based on the conference theme of unlocking by helping both scholars and managers to unlock an organization's potential through a study of decision-making: looking at models, processes and influences.

We welcome papers that adopt quantitative, qualitative, and anecdotal approaches; experimental designs; multilevel studies as well as studies at the individual, team, organizational and industry level. We locate our framework in the cognitive work of March (1994) and the research agendas that his scholarship has produced and the work of those colleagues developing the judgement and decision-making frameworks of Kahneman & Tversky (1979) , recently captured in Schneider & Shanteau (2003) .

Our major theme is about the importance of decision making in organizations.

The fundamental question we address is how to Unlock individual leadership potential: What is the importance of judgement compared with emotional and motivational qualities in decision making by leaders of organizations?

Subthemes to this question include:

  • To what extent do a leader's decisions affect the success of a company compared to other internal and external factors (resources, environmental change, etc)?
  • What is the importance of making innovative decisions versus 'play safe' decision making?
  • How do leaders balance the needs of long term and short term decisions?

Please come and join us in some stimulating exchanges of thoughts unlocking decision-making across disciplines. The track will follow the traditional EGOS format whereby your paper will be debated by other discussants. We look forward to receiving your contributions.